Loving self.

Hey My name is Shaurice, but people call me Reece. It take me 38 years to find/discover who I am. My childhood was not a great one. I am the second oldest child of my mother five kids. She put so much on me that my childhood was more on the responsible end. I was not able to feel like a kids growing up.Out of her five kids I felt like I wasn't want by her. So I made up my mind that I would never make my kids feel the way she made me feel. I believe that's when my codependency and my insecurities came in to play at a young age. So, I grown up seeking my mother love. 

Self love is the best love


This podcast is about growing self, finding self and healing self. It can be scary knowing you not alone in the world and you don't have to go through your healing by yourself. I want this to be a safe space to speak your hurts, joys and goals. We all can...